Duncan Haynes

Arrows and Loops
Ari Hoenig

Wayne's Thang
Kenny Garrett

Paisaje Pasajero
Andrea Gomez & Duncan Haynes

Sun Songs Suite: Twilight
Umar Zakaria

Roll Call
Duncan Haynes


Established by Duncan in 2021 Directions in Jazz is a project whose aim is to share improvised music with a wider community. The repertoire for each show represents the most significant performers and musical elements associated with a certain style but, most importantly, the goal is to communicate the joy of improvisation. More than just walking away having appreciated a great band playing some great music that listeners may or may not know, the goal is that audiences feel involved in the energy, the drama, humour and spirit of play that is real improvisation – to have almost felt that they were part of the band, certainly an integral part of the moment. Directions in Jazz is about broadening horizons and sharing our passion for creating genuine musical moments.

Iterations to date include: The Hard Bop Session, The West Coast/Cool Jazz Session, The Vocalese Session, The Music of Herbie Hancock, Modern Classics, The Spiritual Session, 70s Jazz Funk.

The Hard Bop Session
Speak No Evil

The West Coast/Cool Jazz Session
Flamenco Sketches