A handbook of techniques and mental models to make your practice both efficient and enjoyable. For music students of all ages and levels

Duncan has taught piano, improvisation, harmony and musicianship at schools, universities and conservatories in New Zealand, the U.K., France and Peru. He wrote the syllabus for the 4 year degree course in contemporary piano while teaching at the prestigious PUCP university in Lima. It was at this time that he wrote the handbook of practice methods Mastering the Practice of Music. He also founded and directed the El Británico youth orchestra in 2012. While in Paris he taught at the renowned C.I.M. institute whose alumni include Benjamin Biolay, Angelique Kidjo and Nah Youn-sun.


We have been proud to have Professor Haynes on our staff due to his extraordinary teaching abilities. He has been one of the most respected teachers in our school and his students have always expressed their utmost satisfaction with the high level of his classes and seminars.
Director, Escuela de Música, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

The experience of having Duncan as a teacher has been really gratifying. His approach towards music is deep and refreshing: a very contemporary approach and at the same time filled with tradition. Being his student, I’ve had a great time learning and rethinking tonal music; getting to the bottom of it. He gets really involved in stimulating your motivation and adapting to your musical needs and tastes. Apart from being an incredible teacher, he’s also a gifted and experienced musician.
Carlos A

Hola maestro, increíble todo lo que pude aprender con pocas clases con usted, tengo claridad en muchas cosas de armonía gracias a su método de aprendizaje cociente.
Lucho B

Duncan's unique approach to harmony helped me to see music not in a traditional way but in a way I could give a meaning and express a story while improvising, at the same time challenging my imagination.
Arturo V

Tomar clases con Duncan, me cambio la vida, su sinceridad, su manera de enseñar y su buena onda (entre otros factores pedagógicos) me ayudo a cambiar mi perspectiva de la vida y la música! Duncan es uno de esos músicos que te inspiran mucho a estudiar, a investigar y querer mejorar cada día más, a pesar de que no tocamos los mismos instrumentos el ha sido uno de los mejores profesores que he tenido!
Alvaro H


A few examples of my resources for development of melody, harmony, rhythm, chords, transcriptions...

I Should Care harmony.pdf
Minor 251 theory 2.pdf
5 note voicing exercise.pdf
Blues Lick 667.pdf
Bert's Playground Will Vinson solo.pdf
Pentatonic Phrases II V I.pdf
Pent Up House metric modulations.pdf
Gary Burton motivic development analysis 2.pdf